En un entorno único, un Agar excepcional
Nuestras instalaciones se encuentran a 300 m de la costa cantábrica
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El mejor entorno para el mejor producto
El Agar de Asturias se obtiene a 300 m del Mar Cantabrico
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Un mar de beneficios
La calidad de nuestro Agar se consigue gracias a nuestro objetivo de contar con las mejores algas
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The best Agar in the best environment

Our facilities are located 300 m from the Cantabrian Sea


In the manufacture of our product, Agar, we use a variety of red seaweed, which is typically found in our area of our area and all along the Cantabrian Coast.
Consequently our installations are located only 300 metres from the best beaches in Llanes, Asturias.

The reason why we can guarantee the very best seaweed is because we source it from the very best environment.

About us

More than 35 years

We have been manufacturing agar here since 1987

Quality is our priority

The material we use is of the highest quality, which produces the best product.

The most specialised product

We are specialists in Bacteriological Agar.

An international market

We export to our clients worldwide.

Our Products

All our products are sold in containers of 50 kg and 25 kg or in packets of 10 kg.
Since we are interested in reaching as wide a range of clients as possible, including those who need to use a little less, we also sell packets of 500g and 100g

Why not ask for a quote? We would be delighted to be of help.

Bacterial Seaweed

This is an agar which is obtained exclusively from seaweed of the genus Gelidium, which can be used successfully in the majority of forms of cultivation.

Our clients

The world’s leading manufacturers of culture media trust Agar de Asturias




Our Working Methods

In Agar De Asturias we take care of every last detail when purchasing, storing and processing the seaweed from which we obtain our agar. The high quality of our product depends upon all of these factors. 

Image provided by Jesús Álvarez Raboso.