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Bacterial AGAR

This is an agar which is obtained exclusively from the species Gelidium, found along the coast of the Atlantic and Cantabrian regions of northern Spain and which is used very successfully in the majority of forms of cultivation.

This is a type of agar with excellent rates of microbiological growth.
It is sold in three types, which are defined by the strength of the gel.

  • American Agar (in fine or coarse powder form)
    • Gel strength between 650 – 750 g/cm2 . This refers both to the powder and to the coarse form.
  • European Agar
    • Gel strength between 750-900 g/cm2
  • High Strength Agar
    • Gel strength greater than 900 g/cm2


While these agars produce good results for all types of media, we have developed agars which are better suited to the characteristics of certain culture media, such as:

  • Agar for Baird-Parker media
  • Agar for the cultivation of Legionella
  • Agar for chromogenetic media
  • Agar for Muller-Hinton

AGAR for Other Uses

Apart from being specialists in bacterial agar, we also produce agar for other uses, which can be ordered.

  • Agar for the production of agarose
  • Purified agar
  • Agar for the cultivation of vegetable cells
  • Food grade agar


Food grade agars, commonly known as vegetable gelatines, are registered as the food additive, E-406. This is used as gelling and thickening agent as well as a source of food grade fibre of vegetable origin.

Its primary use in the food industry is in :

  • Confectionary (gelatines, sweets, other sweet items and jams)
  • Cake making (coatings and fillings)
  • Milk products (yoghurts and puddings)
  • The production of canned meats


We produce various types of agar for use in the food industry. In this way, products easily conform to those characteristics most sought after by the market.

We also produce

  • Unfiltered agar
  • Filtered agar
  • Agar with a high gelling temperature
  • Dietary agar

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